Welcome Back to 2021?!

Episode Summary

Plus: meet your new, flirty AI assistant.

Episode Notes

The central character of the 2021 GameStop frenzy tweeted a meme and the market went bananas. On this week’s TLDR, was the latest rally a sign that memestocks are alive and well? Or was it the last paroxysm of a bygone era? Plus, what the Canada-U.S. battle over softwood tariffs tells us about the trading relationship between the two countries. And, how OpenAI is shaping the future of artificial intelligence — and, possibly, human relationships.

Editor's note: This episode was recorded on Friday, May 17th. On Monday, May 20th, Wired published a story reporting that Scarlett Johansson claims OpenAI ripped off her voice for ChatGPT4-o and intends to take legal action. The piece states that Sam Altman approached Johansson on two occasions before launching the new product, and both times she declined. The story is ongoing.

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